Hookah Lounge – If you are looking for a great place to unwind with friends, get a bite to eat & relax over a Hookah, Phoenician Hookah Bar is the place. We invite you to experience the heart of Lebanon through Phoenician Hookah Bar, located in the heart of Worcester’s Canal District. 

Solely catered by Baystate Shawarma and Grill, our menu includes reimagined Lebanese classics. From mixed grill kebab, kafta, a variety of shawarma, grilled halloumi cheese to tabouli, and of course homemade hummus, we have something for everyone. Most of the items on the menu from BayState Shawarma & Grill are made-in house.

Our name, Phoenician, are the people of Phoenicia, an ancient civilization which was located along the Mediterranean Sea, consisting of what is now the coastal parts of Lebanon. Phoenicians were known for creating the first alphabet as well as being expert traders all along the Mediterranean Sea. Their generosity and friendliness were, and continue to be distinct characteristics of the Phoenician people.